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custom 500ml clear empty white gin transparent square tequila alcoholic drink vodka liquor bottle glass spirit bottle with cork


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custom 500ml clear empty white gin transparent square tequila alcoholic drink vodka liquor bottle glass spirit bottle with cork

  • Collar Material glass
  • Capacity 500ml/700ml/750ml
  • Logo Acceptable Customer's Logo
  • Color Transparent
  • Shape Square
  • Packing Carton+Pallet
  • MOQ 6000pcs
  • Sample Provided Freely
  • OEM/ODM Accptable
  • Usege Liquor, Brandy, Vodka, Tequila,beverage
  • Certification Food Safety
  • Payment 30% Deposit 70%balance
  • Surface treatment Screen Pringting+Hot Stamping + painting + engraving + electroplating
  • Sealing Type Cork, Cork, Glass Cap, Twist-off Cap, Screw Cap
  • Usege Liquor, Brandy, Vodka, Tequila,beverage
  • Surface Handing Silk Screen, Printing.Decal, Spray, Frost
  • Cap type cork+screw both

Square glass bottles are one of the preferred choices for spirits packaging due to their unique geometric forms and practical functions. They are not only available in a wide range of capacities, such as 300 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml, etc., to suit the needs of different consumers, but also capable of carrying various types of spirits, including vodka, brandy, whisky, and so on.


Advantages of square glass bottles in spirits packaging:

Versatility and Adaptability

The versatility of square glass bottles in terms of capacity allows them to meet the needs of different markets and consumers. 300ml bottles are suitable for personal enjoyment or as a small gift; 500ml is more common for sharing with family or friends; and 700ml bottles are suitable for collectors of spirits or those who wish to enjoy the same brand of spirit over a long period of time.

The perfect companion for spirits

Spirits such as vodka, brandy, whisky and rum each have their own unique flavors and characteristics. Square glass bottles are designed to provide the perfect showcase for these spirits. For example, the amber color of whisky stands out in a square bottle, while the clarity of vodka is clearly displayed in a square bottle.

Harmonizing design and branding

Spirits brands often have their own unique cultures and stories. The square glass bottle can serve as a vehicle for these stories, communicating the brand's philosophy through its design. Whether it's through the engraving of the bottle, the choice of color, or the unique shape of the cap, square bottles are in harmony with the brand.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Square glass bottles also offer advantages in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability. Glass is a recyclable material and the compact design of the square bottle means that space can be used more efficiently during transportation, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Market positioning and differentiation

The square glass bottle can be used as a differentiation strategy in the highly competitive spirits market. Its unique design can help a brand stand out from the crowd of competitors and capture the attention of consumers.

The application of square glass bottles in spirits packaging is not only a breakthrough in traditional bottle shapes, but also a profound reflection of spirits culture, brand value, consumer experience and environmental protection concept. They bring new vitality to the spirits market, and at the same time bring a new tasting experience to consumers.
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As a professional liquor bottle supplier, our company provides OEM/ODM/Custom glass bottle service. You can put forward requirements on the capacity, color, shape, cap, etc. of the wine bottle, and we can produce it according to your requirements.

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