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New Arrival Shrink Capsule Bottle Plastic Cap Heat Shrinkable Capsule For Wine Bottle

heat shrinkable film

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New Arrival Shrink Capsule Bottle Plastic Cap Heat Shrinkable Capsule For Wine Bottle

  • Material plastic+aluminum+pvc
  • Usage liquor/Beverage
  • Color Customized Color
  • Body material plastic+Aluminum
  • Cap material plastic+aluminum
  • Shpae round
  • Logo customized
  • Feature plastic+aluminum+pvc
  • Logo printing Accepatable
  • MOQ 6000
  • Selling Units Single item
  • Single package size 2X2X2 cm
  • Single gross weight 0.020 kg

Introduction and comparison of several common methods of sealing delayed-run wines
1、Heat-shrinkable film
Applicable wines: suitable for short-term display of the collection.
Material description: made of plastic, with a certain degree of flexibility, resistance to breakage, shrinkage in case of heat, not afraid of moisture.
Operation method: Unwrap the heat-shrinkable film and put the Moutai wine into the heat-shrinkable film. Seal it, and then seal the bottom of the wine bottle with the heat shrink gun. After sealing the bottom of the bottle, start shrinking the top which is the cap of the bottle. Finally, seal the body of the wine with the heat shrink gun from top to bottom as the bottle rotates back and forth. The heat shrink gun moves up and down, and the sealing task is completed when the heat shrink film is flat.
Advantages: Seal the whole bottle without affecting the character, suitable for displaying wine products.
Disadvantages: Plastic products, easy to aging, need to be replaced regularly; need to heat-shrinking gun and other tools to assist, the operation is slightly complicated.
Note: The heat shrinkable film can be used to seal the whole bottle, or only the bottle mouth, when sealing the bottle mouth, cut out the appropriate size, directly set on the bottle mouth, and then use the heat shrinkable gun to shrink and seal it tightly.
2、Raw material tape
Applicable wines: most wines are available, some wines with spray code need to pay attention to, don't wrap the spray code.
Material description: commonly used in faucet installation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, opaque white.
Operation method: Take Maotai wine as an example, from the mouth of the bottle from the bottom to the top of the winding several circles, winding to the bottom of the spray code can be, remember not to wrap the spray code.
Advantages: good sealing, maintain a long time; simple operation, easy and cheap to buy.
Disadvantages: after the collection wrapped with raw material tape, the bottle mouth is obvious to see the sealing and wrapping traces, affecting the character, suitable for a long time collection, but for drinking wine, exhibits use is not beautiful enough; if you meet the bubble wine serious wine, long time storage, the bottle mouth will be out of glue, affecting the disassembly.
3、Dense bag/self-sealing bag
Applicable wines: can be used for wines not for display.
Material description: Family food and fruit preservation bag can be used.
Operation method: Put the wine into the bag, expel the air (preferably in vacuum state) and seal it.
Advantages: good sealing, easy and cheap to buy, can be used repeatedly.
Disadvantages: the whole bottle sealed, vacuum trouble, slightly complicated operation, can not be displayed as a whole
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