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factory direct sale cork stopper decal frosted crafts 700ml 1000ml spirits glass bottle

Wine Bottle

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factory direct sale cork stopper decal frosted crafts 700ml 1000ml spirits glass bottle

  • Capacity 700ml/700ml/750ml
  • Logo Acceptable Customer's Logo
  • Color Transparent
  • Shape Round
  • Packing Carton+Pallet





Clear Or Customized Color


Provided Freely



Delivery time  

25-30 Days


Food Safety


30% Deposit 70%balance

Surface treatment  

Screen Pringting+Hot Stamping+painting+engraving+electroplating

Sealing Type   

Cork, Cork, Glass Cap, Twist-off Cap, Screw Cap


 Liquor, Brandy, Vodka, Tequila,beverage

Surface Handing  

 Silk Screen, Printing.Decal, Spray, Frost

Cap type  

cork+screw both

Supply Ability  

1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Product Details

Round liquor bottles are a prevalent and timeless choice for housing a diverse array of alcoholic beverages. Renowned for their enduring appeal, sturdy structure, and adaptability to different liquor products, round bottles are held in high regard.

Form: Round liquor bottles typically boast a cylindrical silhouette, commencing with a broad base that gradually tapers towards a narrower opening. This configuration exudes a sense of visual equilibrium and timeless elegance.

Design: The design of round wine bottles can vary significantly, catering to the unique requirements of each brand and product. These designs may incorporate fluid curves, intricate patterns, or designated areas for prominently displaying brand logos, product information, and decorative embellishments.

Material: Glass is the preferred material for crafting round liquor bottles, owing to its exceptional transparency and resistance to chemical interactions. This choice ensures the integrity and quality of the enclosed liquor.

Capacity: The capacity of round wine bottles is flexible, accommodating the diverse needs of different products. Standard options include 750 ml, 375 ml, and customized volumes tailored to specific preferences.

Neck: The neck design of round liquor bottles greatly influences pouring precision and sealing effectiveness. Popular neck configurations include threaded openings and cork closures, effectively safeguarding the contents from oxygen ingress and preserving the freshness of the alcohol.

Applications: Round liquor bottles are versatile and suitable for housing various alcoholic beverages, including wines, spirits, champagne, and more. Their timeless aesthetics and stable structure make them the preferred packaging solution for numerous esteemed liquor brands.

Consumer perception of round liquor bottles often correlates with brand image and product quality. These bottles are particularly revered in regions such as the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and beyond.

We currently stock these bottles, ensuring swift delivery upon your order. Furthermore, we offer the option to personalize the bottles with your logo. Our comprehensive range of processing capabilities includes printing, frosting, painting, and more. We extend a warm invitation to friends worldwide to visit us! A dedicated reception will be arranged to ensure a memorable experience.

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The glass bottles we produce are mainly used in the wine industry, such as spirits, wine, beer, juice, beverages, flavoring, medicine bottles and so on.


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