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Vodka Whiskey Liquor Bottle Wine Glass Bottle Heat Shrink Wraps PVC Heat Shrink Sleeves Capsule Seal

heat shrinkable film

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Vodka Whiskey Liquor Bottle Wine Glass Bottle Heat Shrink Wraps PVC Heat Shrink Sleeves Capsule Seal

  • Brand Name Custom logo
  • Model Number JMB001
  • Name Shrink wine labels
  • MOQ 10000 Pcs
  • shrinkage rate 85%
  • Packing Insulation film Aluminized pearl cotton
  • Sample Provided Freely
  • OEM/ODM in stock and customized
  • Printing Customers'requirements
  • tear -off strip transverse tear -off strip,vertical tear -off line
  • Packaging Details standard export paper carton packaging. carton size: 65x40x39 cm

Wine bottle sealing heat shrink film.
Wine bottle sealing heat-shrinkable film refers to the use of heat-shrinkable technology will be inside and outside the mouth of the bottle and other bottles, respectively, concave "sealing to form an airtight, non-penetrating, moisture-proof, preservation of freshness of the isolated space of the film products.
(1) High temperature resistance: the sealing film can withstand higher temperature after heat shrinkage technology.
(2) No leakage: Due to the special material of heat shrinkable film, it can prevent liquid leakage and ensure safety.
(3)Beautiful texture:The sealing of heat shrinkable film can form a beautiful texture, which adds an elegance and delicacy to the wine bottles.
(4)Moisture-proof and freshness preservation:The heat-shrinkable film can form a sealed state, which is conducive to the preservation of freshness and prevents water vapor and oxygen from passing through, thus preventing the invasion of moisture between the liquid and the outside air.
3、the principle of the process.
(1)Thermoforming:Heat is applied at high temperature to make the heat-shrinkable film of a certain shape shrink effectively, so as to form a wrap-around sealing state with the covering.
(2) Heat sealing effect: heat sealing, heat shrinkable film will be subjected to internal and external pressure, by the heat shrinkable film's white body properties, it can be well adhered to the mouth of the bottle and the formation of wrapped sealing effect.
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