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China Factory Good Quality Transparent Clear 750ml Stylish Wine Whiskey Glass Decanter for Sale


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China Factory Good Quality Transparent Clear 750ml Stylish Wine Whiskey Glass Decanter for Sale

  • Shape Special bottles
  • Color Transparent
  • Capacity 500ml,700ml,750ml,1000ml
  • Cap types Cork stopper or screw cap
  • MOQ 6000pcs(we have volume discount)
  • Material Flint Glass
  • Usage Liquor Packing(such as Whisky, Vodka, Brandy, Tequila, Gin, Rum and wine)



Carton or Pallet


Each product will be checked by QC department before shipment.

Delivery Terms

Sea shipping, Express: DHL/UPS/Fedex

Delivery Time

(1) In Stock:within 5 to 10 days after receiving payment;
(2) Out of Stock:25~45 days after receiving payment. According to your order quantity.

Terms of Payment

T/T(30% in advance and 70% balance before shipment), Western Union, Paypal


Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Shanghai Port


OEM/ODM and customization are acceptable, we offer one-stop service.


It is free to offer.

Surface Handing

Silk Screen, Printing.Decal, Spray, Frost

Cap type

cork+screw both

Bottle Craftsmanship

  • -Silk screen printing
  • -Decal
  • -Printing label
  • -Embossed
  • -Hot stamping
  • -UV coating
  • -Frosting
  • -Engraving
  • -Painting colors
  • -Electroplating

In the wine market, specialty wine bottles are becoming a popular trend. These uniquely designed bottles are not just containers for liquids, but also works of art that can add to the brand image of the wine and attract consumers' attention.

The popularity of special wine bottles in the market mainly stems from their uniqueness and brand recognition. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to personalization and unique consumption experiences, and special wine bottles meet this demand. Beautiful designs, unique shapes and unique labels can make wine bottles stand out on supermarket shelves and catch the eyes of potential buyers. In addition, some brands also launch special bottles in limited editions, creating scarcity and further stimulating consumers' desire to buy.

The production of special wine bottles involves a series of challenges, including design, material selection and production technology.

First, the designer must take into account elements such as the shape, color and label of the bottle to ensure it is in harmony with the brand image and the drink itself. Secondly, the choice of material is crucial to the look and feel of the bottle. Some special materials may increase manufacturing costs, but they also give the bottle a unique texture and visual effect. Finally, production technology challenges include the requirements for complex-shaped glass blowing, cutting and printing techniques to ensure the final product meets the design requirements.

China Factory Good Quality Transparent Clear 750ml3ktc
China Factory Good Quality Transparent Clear 750ml4plz
China Factory Good Quality Transparent Clear 750ml103rr

As consumers' pursuit of personalization and brand experience continues to increase, the market prospects of special wine bottles are increasingly favored by the outside world. Liquor companies are paying more and more attention to bottle design and brand packaging to stand out in the fierce market competition and better convey the brand's unique value and story. To meet the needs of increasingly discerning consumers while gaining a competitive advantage in the market.


The glass bottles we produce are mainly used in the wine industry, such as spirits, wine, beer, juice, beverages, flavoring, medicine bottles and so on.


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