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Wholesale round glass frosted vodka glass bottles empty 750ml clear wine liquor whisky nordic glass bottle with cork

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Wholesale round glass frosted vodka glass bottles empty 750ml clear wine liquor whisky nordic glass bottle with cork

  • Base Material glass
  • Capacity 500ml/700ml/750ml
  • Logo Acceptable Customer's Logo
  • Color Transparent
  • Shape Square
  • Packing Carton+Pallet
  • Certification Food Safety


MOQ 6000pcs
Sample Provided Freely
OEM/ODM Accptable
Certification Food Safety
Payment 30% Deposit 70%balance
Surface treatment Screen Pringting+Hot Stamping+painting+engraving+electroplating
Sealing Type Cork, Cork, Glass Cap, Twist-off Cap, Screw Cap
Usege Liquor, Brandy, Vodka, Tequila,beverage
Surface Handing Silk Screen, Printing.Decal, Spray, Frost
Cap type cork+screw both

Product Details

This slender wine bottle, as a unique and elegant packaging option, has become the best choice for many alcohol brands. It is characterized by a long and slender body shape and is often used to load high-end drinks, wine, champagne, spirits and other high-end liquors, giving people a noble and elegant impression. Here are a few notable features of slim wine bottles:

1. Unique appearance design: The slender wine bottle stands out with its distinctive appearance design. The long and slender body is often associated with a noble and elegant temperament, adding a sense of mystery and appeal to alcoholic products.

2. Suitable for high-end drinks/wine: Due to their noble and elegant appearance, slender bottles are often used to carry high-end drinks/wine, such as wine, champagne, spirits, etc. This packaging choice can not only highlight the quality and value of the wine, but also attract consumers' attention and enhance brand image and market competitiveness.

3. Highlight product features: The design of slender wine bottles focuses on highlighting the features and personality of the product. They are usually equipped with exquisite stoppers, labels and packaging, making the overall effect more impressive. This kind of meticulous design can not only attract consumers' attention, but also enhance the added value and market competitiveness of the product.

4. Easy to display and display: Due to their slender body, slender wine bottles take up less space
during display and display, and are easy to place on shelves or display cabinets, providing consumers with a more convenient purchasing experience. . At the same time, its unique appearance design also makes the product more prominent in the display area, attracting more consumers' attention.

5. Luxurious feeling and gift effect: The slender wine bottle is not only a packaging container, but also a carrier that gives the product a sense of luxury and gift effect. Whether given as a gift or for personal consumption, the slender wine bottle can convey a distinctive noble atmosphere and bring a special drinking experience to consumers.

If you are satisfied with this glass liquor bottles wholesale, please contact me in time. If you don’t like it, you can look at our other bottles. Or I’ll give you the catalog, you can choose what you like. If you are interested in our liquor bottles price, please contact us. We will reply to you within 24 hours.


The glass bottles we produce are mainly used in the wine industry, such as spirits, wine, beer, juice, beverages, flavoring, medicine bottles and so on.


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