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Custom Clear 750ml glass liquor wine Vodka tequila gin bottle Fancy Liquor Glass Bottle with sealed cork lid


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Custom Clear 750ml glass liquor wine Vodka tequila gin bottle Fancy Liquor Glass Bottle with sealed cork lid

  • Collar Materia glass
  • Capacity 500ml/700ml/750ml
  • Logo Acceptable Customer's Logo
  • Color Transparent
  • Shape Square
  • Packing Carton+Pallet
  • MOQ 6000pcs
  • Sample Provided Freely
  • OEM/ODM Accptable
  • Usege Liquor, Brandy, Vodka, Tequila,beverage
  • Certification Food Safety
  • Payment 30% Deposit 70%balance
  • Surface treatment Screen Pringting+Hot Stamping + painting + engraving + electroplating
  • Sealing Type Cork, Cork, Glass Cap, Twist-off Cap, Screw Cap
  • Usege Liquor, Brandy, Vodka, Tequila,beverage
  • Surface Handing Silk Screen, Printing.Decal, Spray, Frost
  • Cap type cork+screw both

Bottle Craftsmanship
-Silk screen printing
-Printing label
-Hot stamping
-UV coating
-Painting colors

Square or rectangular bottles, with their distinctive geometric lines, offer great visual appeal for display and storage, and are more commonly used for white, clear, high purity liquors such as vodka.


Visual appeal: with its sharp angles, the square bottle stands out from the crowd of rounded bottles, providing a strong visual impact that attracts consumers to the brand.

Structural solidity: The square bottle bottom provides a larger contact area, enhancing the bottle's solidity and reducing the risk of rolling or tipping on a table or other flat surface.

Brand Identity: Square bottles can be an extension of a brand's personality, helping the product to stand out in the marketplace and establish a unique brand image.

Cultural Symbolism: In some regions, the square bottle may be closely associated with local culture or tradition, becoming a cultural symbol.

Artistic creation platform: The square bottle provides a wide creative space for artists and craftsmen to make artistic creations such as carving and painting on the bottle, increasing the added value of the product.

Gift and collection value: Because of their uniqueness, square bottles are often chosen as gifts or collectibles, not only for drinking, but also as home decoration to add personality and beauty.

Environmental adaptability: The square bottle design is more practical in certain environments, such as in bars or restaurants where space is limited, the square bottle is easier to store and manage.

The design of the square flat-shouldered bottle goes beyond the pure pursuit of aesthetics; it combines multiple considerations such as practicality, brand strategy, cultural expression and market positioning. Although there may be some challenges in production and logistics, the unique appeal of the square bottle can often bring additional market value and consumer favor to the wine.

As a professional liquor bottle supplier, our company provides OEM/ODM/Custom glass bottle service. You can put forward requirements on the capacity, color, shape, cap, etc. of the wine bottle, and we can produce it according to your requirements.

If you want to buy 500ml 750ml  clear cylinders glass bottles, or buy glass bottles wholesale, please contact us via our email or telephone. We will reply to you as soon as possible.